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Wenn Sie uns hier verlassen, sagen wir schon jetzt auf Wiedersehen, danke für Ihren Besuch, schauen Sie doch mal wieder rein....

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:Moritz Rrr Links von Moritz R:

YYoung, crazy and beautiful:  (Music and art join furiously)  (Music and art join happily)  (the sound of Munich)  (the sound of Berlin)

Old masters:  (Electronic pioneer Wendy Carlos' own page)  (the craziest producer of all times: Joe Meek)  (The most underrated psychedelic painter of the 20th century)  (Amanda Lear - disco queen and artist)

Links to Exotica:  (The Exotica mailing list)  (Thor Heyerdahl's Kontiki Museum)  (The Central Committee of Tikiworld)  (Exotic tools for the graphic artist)

Real art:  (Great cover artist)  (Ligne claire de Vienne)

Use your brain:  (The editor of Whole Earth Review and a lot more)  (Dutch philosopher and exoticat Ton Rueckert's page)

or to Moritz R directly: 

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