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adagio Cover

The composition adagio for keyboard-instruments came into being in Feb. 1995 in Paris.

the piece has something to do with loops, circles, repetition and variation.

and is related to Erik Saties musique d`ameublement, John Cages mumber pieces, Brian Enos ambient music & Olivier Messiaens music for organ and Ondes Martenot

in connection with the sound of the musette-akkordeon.

die dynamic moves between pp and mp

parallel to the music the conception of the Videos adagio arised, which was made in collaboration witht Robert Groß and Regina Bermes in summer 1995

adagio - video

the video is related to Greenaways Video "Les morts de la Seine", Cages late video-works, Enos ambient films & Messiaens Synästhesie.

Bonnen, Sept. 1996


You can order the CD for DM 26.-(+postage) at Ata Tak and you can order it via e-mail. Also ask for the video.