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Kaoru Motomiya

Kaoru Motomiya photographed by EVA-2


Who is EVA-2?

So, let me introduce a girl. She is working (or having a tea) in a gallery. Her name is EVA-2. She has a pink eye (& ears) and reacts on the visitors of the gallery.


EVA-2 is a cool beauty and she has one eye to watch the expressions of the spectators.When you spy into her pocket, you better put off your gloves.You will touch something warm & soft inside of her. Her sight is seen on a monitor in realtime through her optical nerve.When her eye is blinking your picture is saved to her memory on hard disk, and your face will be send to the internet.

EVA-2 photo Mikio Kurokawa


Here is a picture out of EVA-2s remembrance:

EVA-2 view

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