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A.K.Klosowski - Echoplex 

Behind the name "Klosowski" hides an Allstarband consisting of 11 walkmen with continuous loops, together which the classic sampler Casio SK1 and the legendary Bronto-control. The Samples, partly self-produced, partly from pieces of most diverse music, Klosowski uses such components, to join them together into new songs. "Hooker" exclusively consists of Blues and Rock-phrases. In other songs small cool-jazz particles join Gustav Mahler and Chinese singing. Arnd Klosowski, which already made projects with Tommi Eckart (2raumwohnung) and Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke (the CD "Hometaping Is Killing Music" is recently re-released in Japan), transformed its personal all-time-classics of the last decades to popmusic. Its a special form of popmusic: his own. 




Family 5 - Unsere Leichen leben noch

This Live-CD from 1998 was recorded by the german radiostation WDR and was remastered in 2002.




Family 5 - Die Zeit ist reif.....

This is a tribute album to Family 5. With: a certain frank, Michael Arivalo, Atomixx, Blizzfrizz, Boxhamsters, Die Konsequenzer, Der Profi, Calling Karina, Mama Guensch, Shy, Subterfudge, Uncle Ho und Farin Urlaub (Die Ärzte). released 2002.


bit`s  - home run

This CD is also a re-relase from the 80th.

featuring : Ullip: Drums, Vocals on "comsubpac"
Jojo Wolter: Bass
Michael Karoli: Guitar on "first song"
Waldemar Kutschmar: Guitar
Gintaras Gaubis: Keyboards, Percussion
Uwe Jahnke: Guitar
Britta Müller: Vocals on "Ladykill"

recorded in the outerspace-studios in france of michael karoli (can)