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The Charles Wilp Photogallery

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Wilp & Herbert v.Karajan
with Herbert von Karajan



Wilp gründet TV-Sender
Wilp gets the licence for a TV-station in the early 60th

Charles Wilp im Afri-Cola-Rausch
Charles Wilp in Afri-Cola ecstasy

er läuft und läuft
Wilps famous advertising for VW

mit dr motte
with Dr.Motte at the Love-Parade

Psychologisches Institut Düsseldorf at the institute for psychological research in Düsseldorf with an ecstasy-test











afri werbung
an Afri-Cola advertisement in the 60th



Wilp mit Adamo
with german singer Adamo

Wilp leitet Rauschversuch Uni Bochum
another ecstasy test at the unisersity of Bochum


Wilp erfindet Afri-Werbung
Wilp invents the advertisement of Afri-Cola


Wilp am Strand
at the beach


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