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Pyrolator "Ausland"

Carefully restored and remastered, with 8 partly unreleased bonus-track. The Re-Issue of the second soloalbum of Pyrolator from 1981 is now availible.

We have some new CD`s in our mailorder. These are the the two new re-releases of one of the early german punk groups S.Y.P.H., the two actual CD`s of Family 5 and one CD of bit`s.

Two of the early atatak records are re-released on CD in Japan. Andreas Doraus`s "Demokratie" and the rare "Japlan"-album of Der Plan.







S.Y.P.H. - Am Rhein

As a sequel to “Wieleicht” ("Howlight"), this is – in the original words of D.Diedrichsen  – the fabulous “White Album” of Germany’s underground rock in German. S.Y.P.H.s second offering on the the atatak label and S.Y.P.H.s last album in more or less its original formation with Harry Rag (vocals/voice) Uwe Jahnke (guitar also with Fehlfarben and Toon), Jojo Wolter (bass) and Ralf Bauerfeind instead of Ulli Putsch on drums.


Pascal Plantinga - A Hammer A Day Keeps The Headache Away

On “A HAMMER A DAY KEEPS THE HEADACHE AWAY”, Pascal Plantinga stretches the boundaries of modern song-writing. In this amazing collection of songs and slick fuzzy arrangements, Pascal fuses elements of punk, jazz, latin, musical, hörspiel and plain old fashioned avant-garde, concocting just the right blend of sophistication and rebellion.


Pascal Plantinga - Pyrolator, Mapstation, Count Zero, Don Tiki - Remix

This Deutsch-American host of modern music’s most prolific producers picks up a chunk of Pascal and puts it down right in the middle of their beloved aural playworld. And somehow, the results don’t sound a bit out of place!  




The new release of Fehlfarben "Knietief im Dispo" is produced at atatak, but we decided to release it on the well-known label K7. From now on you can order the CD in our mailorder.





a certain frank "We belong" remixed by Robert Shaw (Flat Finger) & DJ Dick (Rockers HiFi)

a certain franks "we belong" became one of DJ Dicks (Rocker HiFi) DJ-set-tracks and together with Robert Shaw (Flat Finger) he did a remix of that song for us. The b-side is a remix of Don Tikis "Terminal" of a certain frank" - warm, relaxing and mysterious.....


A.K.Klosowski - Echoplex

Arnd Klosowski, whose CD with Pyrolator "Hometaping Is Killing Music" was re-released recently in Japan, presents its first solo CD.