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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions.

All deliveries are subject to these terms of delivery.

All data necessary for delivery and processing are stored on our server ( and we assure that they will not be handed over to any third party.

We assure our goods to be free of manufacturing or material defects or errors. We are not responsible for any misuse of our articles for purposes intended by the customer. The customer is obliged to check the goods for defects immediately after delivery.

Audio-visual media (CD's, DVD's) will not be replaced unless there is a production defect.

All prices are in EURO (€) and are subject to change. The sum total in your shopping cart as well as prices displayed on our help site are shown in EURO. This also applies for our terms of delivery. Changes in prices, errors and omissions expected.

The delivered goods remain our property until fully paid for.

Only upon receipt of payment we will ship your order.

The information on this website is protected by copyright. Reprints, even extracts must be authorized by the publisher.

In case one of the above mentioned regulations loses its validity, the validity of the other regulations is not affected. Instead of the invalid regulation a valid regulation which resembles the economic purpose and the intention of the invalid regulation has to come into effect.

These regulations - as well as any contract for sale based on these regulations - are subject to German law.

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