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The Potato System

FAQ (provisional translation)

1. What is the Potato-System?

2. How does the commission-system works??

3. Do I have to be a member of the Potato-Stystem, if I want to download?

4. How can I pay the MP3`s

5. Help, the download doesn`t work!

6. How can I resell my purchased MP3`s?

7. Do I have to put the MP3`s on my server, if I want to sell them?

8. How can I join as a musician or producer?

9. What about the copyright?

10. How can I get a payment from Potato?

11. Where do I find more information?

What is the Pototo-System?

Potato is a distribution-system for music including a payment-system.
The music is provided in the MP3-format without any copyright-protection.
Every customer gets with the purchase the non-exclusive right to sell the MP3`s within the Potato-System

How does the commission-system works?

Anybody who buys a MP3 in the Potato-System gets a TAN (transactionnumber) for re-selling the file.
If a second customer buys the file from his website, the first buyer gets 20% of the price on his Potato-account. The second buyer himself can re-sell the file with a new TAN on his website under the same conditions.
If you do not register in the Potato-system, you are not allowed to sell or distribute the file any further.

Do I have to be a member of the Potato-System?

No, feel free to join.
But only members of the Potato-System are allowed to sell the files and earn commissions.
If you are a member of the Potato-System, you are also able to reload files, if they get lost on the Potato-website.

How can I pay the MP3`s?

If you click on the title to buy it, a new window will open and you will be asked, if you want to join the Potato-System or not.

Then you have the following possibilities to pay:

1. with your telephone (only Germany):

2. PayPal





Help, the download doesn`t work!

To download MP3`s you have to activate Javascript and Pop-Ups in your browser.
You will get a safe connection to the Potato-server(SSL).
If you want to buy more than one item, please also activate Cookies in your browser.
If the download is interrupted you will have the possibility to download the file again.

How can I resell my purchased MP3`s?

If you buy a MP3, you get a TAN. With this TAN you can create an link to your Potato-account.
You can put this link only many websites as you want and you will earn the commission from every sold MP3.

Do I have to put the MP3 on my website?

No, the orginal file will be in the cache of the potato-system, you will not have any traffic-costs.

How can I join as a musician or producer?

It is possible to join the Potato-System as a musician or producer, or as a label.
Get more informations on the website of Potato.

How about the copyright?

The customer of the Potato-System are not allowed to modify or change the files.
Also you are not allowed to put any of these file on illegal internet networks (P2P)
The right to resell the files is only possible within the Potato-System.

How can I get a payment from Potato?

You can put money on your PayPal or Moneybooker-account.

How can I get more informations?

Potato-System, Fraunhofer IDMT:

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