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a certain frank "nowhere" (MP3)

after the wildlife live cd (ata tak 03768), acf is now flirting with negation in the footsteps of ‘noendofno’, ‘nobody?no!’ and ‘nothing’ with their new studio album ‘nowhere’.
the matches in the cd jewel case and the illustration of the first wooden wheel found in Germany dating from century 11 bc symbolize the time, place and significance of the enclosed music. the complexity of this conceptualised object is not only to be found in how one interprets the title – ‘nowhere’ and ‘now here’, but also in the tri-level packaging, which subtly and in a meditative state, has been franked by hand. the consequence – a limited issue – is a deliberate contrast to the theoretically infinite availability of an industrial product, which a cd generally is.

further depths are to be found in the now hear of the music which emanate from this cd, somewhere between ‘nowhere’ and ‘now here’, in the ‘himalayas’ and in ‘trancelingen’, likewise in ‘positive’ or in the ‘wald’ (‘forest’).

it is the most frank-in-sense of everything frank from the acf past, full of aesthetic authority, melodic fragility between club and lounge, pop and deconstruction, ambient and listening with elements of exotic and jazz.
it is unmistakably acf characteristic, yet completely suited to any space – not pictorial but as perceptible as time itself.
it is a collection of musical streaks which began to take shape somewhere between 2004 and 2007 as dialogues between frank and kurt, including a lot of luxury, love and appropriate mindfulness.

a certain frank is happy to have had the luck to be able to make music together over such a long period of time. this nowhere is what we wish to express – here in the nowhere cd.
we have no idea of what we’ve ever done, let alone who we were or who we are. we are simply treading away in the wheel in search of new horizons and self-illusionment and wish everybody as much warmth and relaxation as possible when sounding out this basically sense-empty throwaway product.

only when the label reads pyrolator, can you be sure there’s fire inside.
this cd is the next milestone after the invention of fire and the wheel – it
releases immeasurable energy …

a certain frank "Nothing" (MP3)

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