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Der Plan "Die Letzte Rache" (MP3)

Re-release of the highly acclaimed album of the fabulous 3 from 1984. As the film music of the obscure neo "caligaric" black and white cultfilm "Die letzte Rache". To many, this was the most interesting, most unique, most versatile and most experimental work of Der Plan. A dazzling experience of dark athmospheric score - fragments, quirky melodies and catchy pop tunes.

With 36 tracks clocking in at 40 minutes, this 1983 album by these German loons did little to dispel already prevalent Residents comparisons. But who cares? Short songs, silly voices, ever-inventive pop-cultural references; if only The Residents always made records this good! With a far wider musical palette than the Post-Fab Four ever had at their disposal (including leader Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke's use of early Emulator 1 sampling technology), Der Plan pioneer the sounds and styles that we've recently become acquainted with via the works of Momus, Etienne Charry and Bertrand Burgalat. Everything is possible! Recorded as the soundtrack for an experimental film (title translates as "The Last Revenge", dir. Rainer Kirberg) the album functions essentially as something of a one-penny opera.
Well, that's my two cents, anyway! Don't hesitate. [JG]


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