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Pascal Plantinga "Arctic Poppy" (MP3)

Pascal Plantinga pushes the art of songwriting into new territory with Arctic Poppy.
So come, take a departure from the ordinary and join us on a musical journey where Hip Hop meets Broadway infused with spicy exotic pop and rock ‘n’ roll.

Downtown New York veterans Gary Lucas and Guy Klucevsek further enhance our category-defying Dutchman's beautiful arrangements. Mr Lucas' cross-fingered guitar strategies conjure images beyond Beefheart’s wildest dreams on 24th Century Dinosaur, the standout track showcasing Pascal's composition and production chops, with its catchy lyrics and memorable melody.

The fluid and mesmerizing tones of Guy Klucevsek’s enchanting accordion combine perfectly with Pascal’s passion and raw power and take the songs Arctic Poppy and Look! No Skeletons! on an intoxicating voyage to another place and time.

From the introspective, soul-searching Departure from the Ordinary to the toe-tapping, finger-snapping love song I Sink You are Choking and the modern-day protest song Kaboom to the Babyboomers, this
thirteen-track record miraculously portrays a wonderful reflection of its author's enchanting and bizarre inner spirit.
Grace, expression, tenderness and comic relief all combine here to reveal the best of adventurous pop.

Wrapped up in a totally hip package, exclusively designed by Japan’s foremost visual artist Toyoko Shimada, Arctic Poppy is an award
winning-worthy record, celebrating the stellar talent, showmanship and rich musical heritage of Pascal Plantinga.

Beware! You'll probably end up loving it!

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