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bad example "elektrotiki" (MP3)

The 1999 stroke of genius by the electronic pioneers from Düsseldorf.
Simple beautiful melodic lines embedded in an electronic sound environment, creating a hypnotic exotic athmosphere never heard before.

"..... elektrotiki is the name of the new "extended-mini LP" of the bad examples, that will be released also on CD. There are 6 tracks on the record, one brandnew and 5 new arrangements (no remixes) from songs of the first two CD`s.
For me it is something like a concept album, that tries to bring together electronic and exotic music. We play a kind of instrumental popmusic that sounds, compared to easy listening, very original and unique.
The continous appearance of electronic sounds, like the voice of an imaginary story-teller, combined with harmonical short second steps makes the music ear - catchy and pop-alike.
Nevertheless, the songs sound filmish and exotical: like an electronic jungle with a dub-influenced melodica-play, delays, sub-bass, real instruments like vibraphon and e-piano, computer-animated sounds and the self-sampling.
Produced by Pyrolator.
I`m glad, that this record appears on both CD and vinyl.
The original artwork of the famous Tiki - fan and - painter Moritz Rrr makes again another fantastic typical Ata Tak product."
Stefan Schwander, e-piano

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