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bad examples "profis like us" (MP3)

It comes as a small surprise that the fabulous atatak label, which has been instrumental in shaping
the German music scene since the end of the 70s should also be welcomed as the discoverer of
Düsseldorf `s most popular Elektrotikiband The Bad Examples.The Bad Examples play instrumental pop music, which relates stories -either long or short, cheerful or sombre.
Harmonies and sounds, acousticand electronic glide into another dimension when the four musicians take to their instruments, as if becoming part of them. They collectively mould a sound that takes us by the hand and accompanies us to Exotica.
Here's their latest release - a selection of extensive playing time, which after repeated listening is still not long enough. It is a lucid exemplification of the art of subtle arousal, which the Bad Examples are very capable of generating. As previously, narrative structured tones of electronic provenance haunt the music like a central theme, supporting theharmonic minor second steps which turn into a truly catchy little number.The tracks sound as if from a film at the same time as from the electric jungle - Dubbed Melodica meets Sub-Bass meets Delay meets Vibraphon meets E-Piano meets computer generated sounds, which sample themselves.
The remarkable music of the Bad Examples is equally at home in a flamboyant nocturnal bar, on the a dancefloor of an intimate club, or on the stage of humid summer open-air festival as much as it is on the formatted waves of anational radio station or those of a single-format radio channel.There is no conclusive evidence of what makes the Bad Examples' music so mysterious - or so irresistible.
What is for sure is that Pyrolator produced it. The captivating cover design originated from Moritz Rrr refines yet another great Atatak creation!
Just watching TV is no way to get to know the Bad Examples!

bad examples "human hell" (MP3) / bad example "elektrotiki" (MP3)

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