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Pyrolator "Ausland" (MP3)

Ausland - a conceptual album? Or, home is where the voice is.

After the release of his debut album ‘Inland’ and the equally well-rated first LP with Der Plan, the Pyrolator started summer 1981 with his work on “Ausland”. In the heat of summer 1981 the album was recorded, with the help of various international musicians, in the studios of the brilliant inventor and sound-genius Werner Lambertz on the first digital-sequenzer “Brontologic”, the first production outside the atatak-studios. The reaction of the press and the public could not have been more euphoric when Ata Tak’s tenth release ‘Ausland’ fi nally appeared at the end of 1981. Musikexpress conferred a top rating and Diedrich Diedrichsen applauded in Sounds “At last we’ve made it: a German record which one can enjoy all the more because it’s not the usual ‘well for Germany ...’ A record with qualities not yet achieved during the years of stagnation in the Germany’s New Wave music”. Even the international press is unanimous. New Musical Express’s Chris Bohn elevated Pyrolator to a “great pioneer”. Alfred Bos of the Dutch magazine Oor wrote “I don’t wish to dramatize, but this record could prove to be an important infl uence in 10 years time, just like ‘Monster Movies’ from Can or ‘The Faust Tapes’ from Faust”. The orginal tapes have been carfully restored and remastered and the CD also contains 8 Bonus-Track, some of them never released before, like the live-recording of "program No.1".

Pyrolator "Wunderland" (MP3)

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