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Pyrolator "Wunderland" (MP3)

Following the highly international success of the ‘Ausland’ album, Pyrolator did not take long to transverse the Pond once again in 1983 to start work on his third solo album. This time he was drawn to the east coast – to New York – in search of undisturbed inspiration and to sap up the city’s vibes. Undisturbed? Although he had a large room and concert piano at his disposal, the streets outside throbbed to the beat of ghettoblasters, in spite of the cool April weather. Rap transformed into Electro, which in turn was about to mutate into Hip-Hop – musical history in the making, so to say. And what did Pyrolator make of all this? He headed for the zoo – to record the sounds of the animals.

After extensive research on ‘Elevator’ music, he came to the conclusion that his next album was to radiate a positive and calm atmosphere. Vivid music should be written with a conclusive, prevailing mood for any time of day or night – for any occasion –unparalleled to any New Age or Meditation music. Pyrolator prepared to launch into ‘intelligent listening music’.

The ensuing realization of ‘Wunderland’ (‘Wonderland’) took place in Ata Tak’s studio. The album’s title seemed to Pyrolator to be the most appropriate after the diversity of unusual experiences he encountered in his sound searching. As with former albums, he mostly worked with Werner Lambertz’s computer system invention ‘Brontologik’, which was coupled to a Korg MS20, an Emulator 1 and a Yamaha DX-7. The Brontologik made it possible to control recording levels when mixing electronic instruments long before the Midi technology became standard. However the hardware module employed in contrast to later software solutions necessitated the use of endless plug-in connections. Seen more precisely, each sound required an individual cable, so that the arrangement of some pieces had more in common with a huge portion of spaghetti rather than a music production. (In the meantime the wondrous Brontologik has found a place in history and can be marvelled at in the Gronau rock’n’popmuseum).

Pyrolator "Ausland" (MP3) / Pyrolator "Traumland" (MP3)

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