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rockformation diskokugel (CD-Extra)

rockformation diskokugel "Soulkommando Henning Beer" (CD-Extra)

the rockformation diskokugel (rockformation mirrorball) started making music back in 1997 in salford. later on they returned to germany where they released two ciritcally acclaimed albums called “für softdrinks keine zeit” (no time for softdrinks) (apricot records, 1999) and “la bola privada” (blickpunkt pop, 2001).

„the rockformation diskokugel is an ace band, a diskorockband, yeah. they bring together pop, life and the world."
gerritt bartels, taz
the rockformation consists of magnus schmerfeld (voc, keyb.), mathias hill (voc, bass), stefan noll (git.) and matthias müller (drums).

"they make music like (almost) no one else does. they can be recommended to fans of giorgio moroder, air oder even independet heroes felt. but apart from all these references, 'la bola privada' is the best of the last 20 years of german popmusic. zwanzig jahren deutscher popmusik. their music has a big fun-factor and their lyrics are really great."
carsten wohlfeld, westzeit

with two friends, singer matthias compiled an international tribute compilation for The Fall (“Perverted by Mark E.”, Zick Zack records) in early 2004 on which the rockformation took part with “The Salford Lad”. after playing various gigs with german punk legend DIE FEHLFARBEN, the band became friends with them and the rockformation moved back in the studio to record „Soulkommando Henning Beer“, their current EP. it is released on ata tak records, the famous label of bands like Der Plan or D.A.F.

here they sing about neighbours who look like terrorists (or was it the other way round?), artists who fight society and even god’s girlfriend, but although these topics seem rather depressing, their music is full of outrageous joy.

CD-Extra with 5 tracks and a video of Lutz Keßler.



1. Mehr Soul 
2. Henning Beer 
3. Neues Deutschland 
4. Je Suis Un Artiste 
5. Gottes Freundin 

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