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Andreas Dorau

Die Doraus und Die Marinas "Blumen und Narzissen"
14,00 EUR


Die Doraus und Die Marinas "Geben offenherzige..."
14,00 EUR


Andreas Dorau "Ernte" (CD)
14,00 EUR


A. Dorau "Immer Ärger mit der Unsterblichkeit"
14,00 EUR


Andreas Doraus "Demokratie" (CD)
18,00 EUR


Andreas Dorau, born 1964, is a marvellous pop musician, equipped with the choicest humour and the gift of creating wonderful melodies. Aged 16, he wrote the huge hit "Fred vom Jupiter" and has been championed erroniously as representing German New Wave (NDW) ever since. "Blumen und Narzissen" (1981) is Dorau's first LP: an independent product and an accordingly unpolished production. "Fred vom Jupiter" is just one of many good-tempered and infectious pop hits included. On his sophomore LP in 1983, Andreas Dorau carries on where he left off with "Blumen und Narzissen": one pop hit follows another in quick succession. Only this time the songs are professionally produced and radio-friendly. Both albums are in stores now!

A.Dorau live (Photo: F.Fenstermacher) 

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