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    Ata Tak - The Collection (BOX)
    Pascal Plantinga
    Der Plan
    a certain frank
    The Bad Examples
    Burka Band
    Andreas Dorau
    Charles Wilp
    Bombay 1
    rockformation d.k.
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Ata Tak - The Collection Box1 - Genesis

The japanese label captain trip from tokyo, famous for their selective musical taste, have started to release in their „Collection Serie“ - the first 20 Ata Tak releases in 4 box sets with 5 CD´s each.
The boxes are designed by „moritz Rr“ and the edition is limited to 600.
We could import 50 for our mailorder.

The orginal have been restored and 1:1 reproduced and the music has been carefully mastered.
The booklets are also 1:1 reproductions of the orginals and the lyrics are in german and japanese.
Each box and each disc is hand-wrapped in cellophan.

Box 1 Genesis/ The Beginning:

Der Plan : Geri Reig
with 6 Bonus Tracks, 5 previously unreleased.

Der Plan: Normalette Surprise
with 5 Bounus-Tracks, 3 previously unreleased.

Der Plan: Die letzte Rache
with zwei Bonus-Tracks, both previously unreleased.

Pyrolator: Ausland
with 8 Bonus-Tracks

Lost Gringos: Nippon Samba und Troca Troca


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