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    Ata Tak - The Collection (BOX)
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Ata Tak - The Collection Box2 - Experimental

The situation was difficult: After the earthquake in Japan the factory which did the packaging for the boxes was destroyed. Due to our new partner "Suezan Studio" we are able to continue the box-series and after a long pause we are now able to present box no.2 "Expermental".

The japanese label captain trip from tokyo, famous for their selective musical taste, have started to release in their „Collection Serie“ - the first 20 Ata Tak releases in 4 box sets with 5 CD´s each.
The boxes are designed by „moritz Rr“ and the edition is limited to 600.
We could import 50 for our mailorder.

The orginal have been restored and 1:1 reproduced and the music has been carefully mastered.
The booklets are also 1:1 reproductions of the orginals and the lyrics are in german and japanese.
Each box and each disc is hand-wrapped in cellophan.

Box 2 includes the following CDs:

D.A.F -Ein Produkt der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaf t

Pyrolator - Inland
with 6 Bonus-Tracks

Monitor - Monitor

Holger Hiller - Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube
with one previously unreleased Bonus-Track

Minus Delta t - Bangkok Projekt
with a reprint of the cover of the 7".

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