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a certain frank "nobody? No!" (CD)

Product Information:

Its not just the content of the ‘a certain frank’ CD which has been handled personally by Kurt ‘Pyrolator’ Dahlke and his long time partner Frank Fenstermacher. Each and every CD has peen hand printed and put together by the duo themselves. Journalists receive it in hand printed, card cover and those who actually buy it get a similarly treated white CD-box. A collectors item in the making.Don't let the opening title track confuse you. What you hear is good-looking music like the two men on the cover. The two heads seem to say: This music doesn't need hype or stars. It is instead filmic and emotional.Just as the first CD came from techno and trance influences, with this CD ‘a certain frank’ have transposed their favourite sounds of the 50’s and 60’s into a late 90’s context and in so doing achieve a groove of their very own. A special brand of Pop which combines jazz and contemporary music influences with Listening and Electronic Club sounds. They have formed a sound, multifaceted, soft, clear and humorous. Pop and Lo-Fi in one. It fits as well to your living room as it would in a Phillipe Starck cafe with internet terminals.Frank Fenstermacher is the founder of ‘Der Plan’ and ‘Fehlfarben’, head of his own Ata Tak label, multi-(non)-instrumentalist on innumerable productions, and counts along with Kurt 'Pyrolator' Dahlke as one of the pioneers and forerunners of modern electronic music. Kurt ‘Pyrolator’ Dahlke was the co-founder of the band ‘Deutsch-Amerikanische-Freundschaft’, at the beginning of the ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ era and went on to become the third member of ‘Der Plan’. He produced for Ata Tak, as well as other labels, bands such as Andreas Dorau, Element of Crime, Stereo Total and the Bad Examples, and is today one of the most sought after music producers in the country.Young bands like ‘Kreidler’, ‘Mouse on Mars’ or ‘Schlammpeitziger’ relate strongly to the Düsseldorf school of Pyrolator and Der Plan.Also making an appearance on this CD are: S.Y.P.H.-guitarrist Uwe Jahnke, singer Caterina De Re, Vibrophonist Dirk Thoms, saxophonist Wolfgang Klüver, as well as Jan Schwerdtfeger and Christopher Bee as guest musicians.If you're moved, want to write or do something, and you don't want to spare us again from the embarrassment of fame: We appreciate every reaction, review, playlist and especially how and where you got hold of the CD.



1. Nobody ? no !   
2. In the Air    
3. Slow    
4. Sunrise   
5. It´s   
6. Tristesse   
7. Moonchild    
8. With Memories    
9. I will never leave you    
10. Mojito    
11. Atlantic & Pacific    
12. I am alive    

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