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Der Plan "Normalette Surprise" (color vinyl)

Der Plan´s 2nd album released in 1981 and considered the "sister album" to "Geri Reig".
Ever-so-slightly more accessible yet composed of complex synthetic textures and hints of experimental pop that easily sets it apart from many of Der Plan contemporaries.
For the first time, contains the bonus hit single "Da vorne steht ne Ampel" with accompanying B-Side as bonus tracks.

In the sense of a huge slow down we all had to wait very long until finally this ressourcefull, but controlled exploited ata tak products reappeared in coloured vinyl and in a limited, handnumbered edition of 550 vinyl-copies.

We have to thank Troy Wadsworth from Medical records in Seattle, who made it possible with his enthusiasm for early recordings of obscure and minimal synth-music that we have their rebirth now here on vinyl.

For our mailorder friends we got 50 hand numbered dark-blue-180gm vinyl copies from the US for 25,-€ each. On top of that, you will receive 2 ata tak surprise vinyl maxi`s with your order!


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