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Pascal Plantinga "Remixed by ..." (12")

Product Information:

This Deutsch-American host of modern music’s most prolific producers picks up a chunk of Pascal and puts it down right in the middle of their beloved aural playworld. And somehow, the results don’t sound a bit out of place!
Pyrolator blows away the tickertape, mutes a couple of channels and single-handedly turns “You make me feel like a teenager again” into this years hottest club classic.
On “We don’t have time to rescue cats from trees”Mapstation cuts the crap and throws the bones to the dogs, bringing this popular favorite back to life as a pulsating, exciting electronic composition.
Count Zero, the Boston electro-rockers formerly known as Think Tree, hires the bird back. “I’m Crazy” starts quietly, traditionally, and then in stark contrast, gets the percussive up-tempo treatment and turns everyday paranoia into the next hip thing. Can exotica be more exotic than this?
From the indescribable beauty of the land of Aloha, Don Tiki takes thought provoker “Most top of the bellcurve” on a lava walk to the top of the volcano and back, producing a monument to exoticism.

How much more is there to say? It’s obvious these beautiful JDK releases put Pascal well on his way to Famesville, providing you a priceless “I Was There”. So, welcome to the intriguing world of Pascal Plantinga. We sure hope you find it as attractive as we find you!
Willkommen in der fazinierenden Welt des Pascal Plantingas.


1. Pyrolator - You Make Me Feel Like A Teenager Again   
2. Mapstation - We Don`t Have Time To Rescue Cats From Trees   
3. Count Zero - I`m Crazy   
4. Don Tiki - Most Top Of The Bellcurve    

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