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Shoukichi Kina/Pascal Plantinga - Washinnayo

Washinnayo……. Don’t forget….. This mysterious and imperative outcry is a call from one of the most beautiful spots on this earth, the Okinawan Islands.
It reminds us to embrace tradition and take it with us into the future, here beautifully represented in a unique collaboration between Dutch soundscape artist Pascal Plantinga and the godfather of Okinawan pop, Shoukichi Kina.

Known throughout Japan for the two greatest hits ever to originate in Okinawa, Haisai Ojisan, and the million-selling song Hana, Shoukichi Kina never lost his appeal as rebellious outsider and his special blend of rock and Okinawan folk proved a great vehicle for his musical activism and involvement in peace activities.
However, frustrated with his inability to realize his dreams of a peaceful, borderless world as a rock star, Kina took his campaign slogan “Exchange All Weapons For Musical Instruments” into the political arena and joined the Democratic Party of Japan. And making no distinction between politics and music, Kina just as easily swaps his political activities for his intense live performances.

Pascal Plantinga is an electro-songwriter who couples experimentation with a singular way of musical storytelling. His long-standing working relationship with German electronic music pioneer Pyrolator lends Pascal’s music its strong cinematographic touch. The range of avant-garde artists Pascal has recorded and performed with over the years include Gary Lucas, Guy Klucevsek, Haco, Hauschka and Martin Bisi.
Pascal has also been composing music for television shows and created the score for the award-winning feature film 170 Hz.
His deep devotion for the culture of the subtropical islands of Okinawa has led to this record, featuring some of the most profound Okinawan folk songs, recorded during a typhoon- ridden night at Shoukichi Kina’s studio in Naha, Okinawa.
Washinnayo comes spectacularly packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve designed by interdisciplinary artist Toyoko Shimada. Her graceful Golden Dragon juxtaposes high-tech and ecology in times of tradition and modernity.
A juxtaposition also found in the music, where Pascal Plantinga’s sparse arrangements featuring bass, electronics and field recordings provide the perfect pedestal for Shoukichi Kina’s sanshin (the ubiquitous three-stringed Okinawan instrument) and voice, presented here at its most expressive and emotional.

Washinnayo comes as a double-7-inch with an additional 3"-mini-CD and this first luxury-edition with golden ebossed printing is limited to 500 copies.


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