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Pyrolator "Inland" (CD)

Product Information:

Inland - a protest album?
After the first DAF-LP "Inland" is the second release of the young atatak-label in 1979.
His musical experimentation was eclipsed by feelings of protest – the result of strongly politicized times, the ‘Deutsche Herbst’ (peak of post war anti-establishment activity in Germany) and its resulting build up of arms as well as an increasing conservatism in the liberal-socialist coalition in Germany, highlighting in NATO’s resolution to station fire power in Germany, the failed atomic policy with symbolic incidents at Gorleben and Harrisburg as well as increasing worries about an atomic war.
Pyrolator began to play with the idea of making a protest album of a different nature – without words, without speech or without blurting out lyrics more typical of the punk movement. Images were to be born purely from sounds telling of protest and criticism. The album title ‘Inland’ was not just a title, but a bill hinting at the cultural, social and political phenomena of the late seventies.
The innovative disc was not only mentioned in Germany (Sounds; Rock Session 4: ‘Effective for Intellectuals’, ‘Independent Expressiveness of Synthesizers’), also the New Musical Express took notice of ‘Inland’: "Pyrolator’s solo album is a synthesis of everyday sounds (rain, prattling school children etc.), loops and keyboards - very fascinating". Even in later years reference was made to ‘Inland’ – e.g. the cover decorated the title page of Testcard Magazin.
Six additional tracks were included on the resulting CD from the same period of the recordings.



1. minimal tape 1 / 2.3   
2. it always rains in wuppertal    
3. inland 1   
4. minimal tape 1 / 8   
5. danger cruising   
6. inland 2   
7. inland 3   
8. minimal tape 3 / 7.2   
9. bärenstrasse   
10. have a good ride   
11. inland 4   
12. nord atlantik   
13. der volksmund wird beatmet   
14. struktur 01   
15. november mühlheim   
16. ok margo   
17. die einsamkeit des langstreckenläufers   
18. struktur 22   

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