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Mittagspause (CD)

After the release of the german bestseller "Verschwende Deine Jugend" of Jürgen Teipel in 2001, Mittagspause the pioneers of German Punk/New Wave became part to the German cultural heritage.
On of the centers of the German Punk-movement was Düsseldorf and one of the first records of this time was Mittagspause with their legendary Dubble-7". The singer Peter Hein was already charismatic and together with the guitarist Thomas Schwebel ( also S.Y.P.H.) they became "Fehlfarben" and still write history.
The japanese label Captain Trip re-relased the orginal recordings together with 5 previously unreleased bonus-tracks on CD, mastered in the atatak-studios of Pyrolator.

"1979, there was this first double-7" of Mittagspause, whith Peter Hein (singer), Thomas Schwebel (guitar), Franz Bielmeier (also guitar) and Marcus Oehlen (ump-tata-drums), which is one of the greatest records I ever had." (Christan Kessler)



1. Testbild   
2. 3x Nordpol   
3. Intelnet   
4. X-9200   
5. Militürk   
6. InnenStadtFront    
7. Deutschland   
8. Derendorf   
9. Überblick   
10. In der Tat   
11. Ernstfall   
12. Herrenreiter   
13. Paff   
14. In der Tat (live)   
15. 3x Nordpol (live)   
16. Da Da Da (live)   
17. X-9200 (live)   
18. Deutschland (live)   

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