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Phoneheads "Buddy Language" (CD)

It is difficult not to snowball big way when speaking of the Phoneheads. They alone brought Düsseldorf on the German drumßbass map, had the first drumßbass video on German music television and are the most successful German drumßbass act ever existed. So let`s snowball and let even the British rejoice: "highly desirable", "fabulously cool" and "drum and bass at it`s best" to take a few euphoric press expressions from the homeland of drumßbass, following the release of the second Phonehead album "Second Sight" (Meldoymaker/Jockeyslut/DJ/Sleazenation/Knowledge...)
Since 1997, Philipp Maiburg and Michael Scheibenreiter work on an individual music design of a genre that is still very much characterised by its native country Great Britain. The result of their efforts, among others, is that the music world has gained a new expression. One speaks of the "Phoneheads sound". There is no bigger compliment for musicians than that. The musical influences of funk, reggae and pop are unmistakably present in their music. Still, they have nothing against harmonies and big gestures. But first and foremost they know how to rock the crowd.
This cannot only be heard on the meanwhile numerous releases and remixes, it also became clear during their innumerable dj-gigs around Europe. Anyone who has experienced the Phoneheads sound system live, understands the success of these sympathetic Düsseldorf guys. Scheibenreiter starts off the night with a moderate tempo and a lot of groove, until Philipp joins in and develops a befitting prime time pressure, together with the MCs - mostly their friends Ronin and Glacius from the Precision-Crew. Thousands of fans cannot be wrong: SonneMondSterne, Nature One, Electronic Beats, Snowzone, Popkomm, Introducing, Juicy Beats, Bizarre, Basel, Zurich, Omsk, Nowosibirsk, Helsinki, Geneva, Bern, Vienna, Graz, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, ... Düsseldorf...


1. Buddy Language   
2. Roll That Stone   
3. Midnight Marauders   
4. Far Out   
5. Glam   
6. Phantoms   
7. Subject Beautiful   
8. Bliss   
9. Buscapé   
10. Slower   

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