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Charles Wilp "Bunny" (CD)

Product Information:

No other German has embodied the breakaway from the 50s into modern times so well as Charles Wilp. A Man Ray student, turned artonaut, Dokumenta 5 artist, photographer, an advertising conceptualist, conductor and a space age media artist. 
Whether spectacularly blowing up his racing car, building an ufo bungalow on the roof of his Düsseldorf home, or overcoming gravity in a NASA centrifuge simulator, the LP written in the Sun Year 1965, titled Charles Wilp fotografiert Bunny - a light and floating melange - has at Ata Tak's specific wish, been re-released as a CD. A world first in psychedelic TV advertising in 1969 -" Africola" showing three lightly clad women dancing behind a water covered screen (Amanda Lear's, Marsha Hunt's and Donna Summer's first TV appearance) - 'Bunny' was never available in the shops, but was produced together for 16 organizations which had contracted Wilp to create their company designs. Over 500,00 free record copies were distributed to employees and clients in the same companies.  
What is surprising about Bunny-Musik is the elegant stylistic assuredness and relaxed work out which is really unusual for a German orchestra. Peter Thomas made some close observations of these recordings, noting influences from A.C. Jobim, Frank Sinatra and Claus Ogermann. This possibly had to do with the hottest summer of the century in 1965, when this piece was composed.
More probable is that Charles Wilp developed a feeling for music and space through his mother, who accompanied Richard Tauber through the world as a silent film pianist, as well as through encounters with the so called 'rocket men' he knew, including Karl Oberth, Paul Nebel, Werner von Braun, Fritz von Opel and Paul Valier.
One thing however is certain - this record is too good remain unreleased .........
That opinion is shared by Daniel Miller, The gentle people, Tipsy, Stereo Total, Thomas Fehlmann, a certain frank, antonelli electronics, Andreas Dorau, Schlammpeitziger, the bad examples, Justus Köhnke (Whirlpool), Toon (Uwe Jahnke), Combustible Edison, Stockhausen & Walkman and many others ........
who have expressed willingness to make a remix for Charles Wilp. This will shortly be released under the name 'Michaelangelo in Space' (ata tak WR 75), a name shared by the space art module to be designed and built by Wilp as the first Art-in-Space Gallery as well the first Space Art Academy. This is to be docked onto the newly developed international ISS space station - which will of course include the CD onboard ! The first CD in space !



1. Beautiful Bald Woman    
2. Mad. Ave. Perfume Ad    
3. Nanci for Soft-Ice    
4. Powder Puff    
5. Busy Bee    
6. Pink Carpet   
7. Bunny    
8. Close-Up    
9. Silky Stockings    
10. Red Indian Sirene   
11. Size 178-79-55-91   
12. Purple Playmate    
13. Christmas Cover     
13. Sexy mini... Part 1   
14. Sexy mini... Part 2   

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