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the bad examples RealAudio
Ord.No. WR 73 (CD)

1. Song electrique
2. Papeete
3. Jaguar
4. Le malheur
5. The river the night the moon temptation and you
6. Krimi
7. Sorgen
8. Hong Kong
9. Johnny geht an Bord
10. Green suit Mambo
11. Melodie de l´heure de la sortie

"the river, the night, the moon, temptation and you"

of the bad examples is a necessity for all friends of the exotic sound !

After the debut-CD "slow music" (ata tak WR65) and the vinyl-only-single "green suit mambo (stu 003), this new record sounds like a tropical fragrance and brings back the lost summer.

On stage five musicians create a magical instrumental cocktail between Exotic, Pop and Electronics. It seems that you listen to the rumbling of an jaguar and excited chattering of parrots in love.

The strangest tempation since the existance of Ata Tak.

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bad examples RealAudio  
 Ord. No. WR65 (CD)




This is the first CD of the bad examples, which is played with accoustic instruments (piano, doublebass, vibraphone, flute, violin). You find music for you favourite film (Mancini, Rota).

Slow Music

1. Good for Nothing
2. Bird´s Theme
3. Ylang Ylang
4. Der fliegende Flightcasehändler
5. Schöne Erlebnisse
6. The Ballad of Vittorio

7. Nervöse Zeit ist gute Zeit
8. Raumschifffahrt
9. Il Napoli
10. Der Flaschensammler
11. Slow Music
12. Perforation
13. Trümmerfrauenpolka
14. Das verrenkte Herz
15. Gerade mal so eben
16. Auf Wiedersehen
17. Hinterm japanischen Paravent