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a certain frank RealAudio
. No. WR 66 (CD)

"no end of no end of no....."

1. Eden
2. Never alone
3. Time
4. Arche Nova
5. Kismet
6. End Of No End
7. Tygmy
8. Stay
9. A Bientot
10. Naive
11. ReEden

a certain frank,

that`s a certain Frank Fenstermacher and a particular Kurt aka "Pyrolator" Dahlke. This duo make up 2/3 of Der Plan who together are the two halves forming the Düsseldorf-based "Ata Tak" label.

In addition to this Frank was a founding member of the group Fehlfarben and Kurt with another German New Wave band, DAF.

Both produce and orginise the vast majority of Ata Tak/Das Büro productions - for example Andreas Dorau, DAF, Syph, Element Of Crime, Oval, The Bad Examples and many others.

Alongside their Der Plan work, a collaborative musical exchange, "Ausland" (Ata Tak WR 10) ermerged from Pyrolator, as well as further pieces on the sampler Cityspace I & II (WR 51 & 59) especially the Maxi Club hit "Technik" (WR 60).Kurt and Frank`s long-standing tradition of musical friendship culminates in the CD "no end of...".

"no end of.." has its own particular groove. Frank calls it E-Surf. The tracks flow into one another in a rythmo-psychedelic kaleidoscope whose variform continously facilitates new discoveries.

We at Ata Tak say: Open your eyes and look inward. You will emerge again, somewhere. Each CD has a beginning, but this one has no end. This doesn`t really matter because, as you will ascertain, it`s the best of genuine "drift away music" especially recommended for "non-escapists".

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