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We released a few CD`s with various artist, which we would like to present you here:

Electric City RealAudio  
Ord. No. WR 69

Electric City Düsseldorf

1. Mouse On Mars  "Bib"
2. a certain frank  "Never alone"
3. Mighty Flores   "The Spirit"
4. The Bodos   "Electrick"
5. Taboom   "Errie Listening"
6. Rebirth of K.   "Singendes Elektron"
7. Gigamesh feat. UV CET A   "On Air"
8. Dahmen   "Famoso"
9. P- wicked   "Easy Bone´ in"
10. N-Tribe   "Outside"
11. Toon   "Esprit de Paris"
12. AAD   "Frickes Box"
13. Paleo Logos & The Bhakti Crew   "The Fortitude of Bliss always with you"
14. Temps Perdu   "Terra Incognita"

Düsseldorf electronics of the 90th.


Cityspace II  RealAudio
Ord. No. WR 59


City Space II

1. Transform "Never back to Earth"
2. Pyrolator "Technik"
3. Mindbender "Should I try"
4. Coma Club "Beyond the Stars and the Mind"
5. Digital Latin "Sesamo"
6. Station Rose "Behind my Eyes"
7. Phenotype "Sure I can dance"
8. Roy "Mescalino"
9. Orginal Master "Hi Fidelity"

Second compilation-CD with super-hit "Never Back To Earth" ("Best 12inch of the year")


Cityspace I  RealAudio
Ord. No. WR 51



City Space I

1. Boogie Mobile "Time gone"
2. Kitschfinger "It´s alright"
3. My wonderful World "Song for Sophie"
4. Ready Made "Time Bounce"

5. Der Plan "Uin Uin Moon Kona Bob Uin"
6. Tiny Sexy People "Rhymes to kill"
7. Kernkraftwerk "Autobahn"
8. Groove Fighters "Save your Software"
9. Mind Bender "Love Transporter"
10. Hoover Men "LP 3"
11. Schreibmaschin "People get up"
12. Ghetto Twins "Waitin 4"
13. A . Dorau "Das ist das wirkliche Leben"
14. Orgyn "The Beast"

First house-sampler of Ata Tak with some artist releasing under pseudonym.

Sorry. This CD is out of stock now and you cannot order it anymore......


The Best Of Ata Tak  Real Audio
Ord. No. WR 52


Das Beste von Ata Tak

1. Andreas.Dorau "Höllentingeltangel"
2. Andreas Dorau "Kleines Stubenmädchen"
3. Andreas Dorau "Großer Bär Und Kleiner Bär"
4. Andreas Dorau "Taxi nach Shibuya"
5. Holger Hiller "Jonny"

6. Holger Hiller "Das Feuer"
7. Die Zimmermänner "Nöte des kleinen Mannes"
8. Die Fehlfarben "Der Himmel weint"
9. S.Y.P.H "Lenz ist da"
10. Der Plan "Bye Bye"
11. Der Plan "Anders sein"
12. Der Plan "Die Peitsche des Lebens"
13. Der Plan "Das war schön"
14. Lost Gringos "Bargeld Amore"
15. Lost Gringos "Unter dem Vulkan / Hilton Hotel"
16. Pyrolator "Im Zoo"
17. Pyrolator "Man Ray"
18. Picky Picnic "Was ich haben will"

Compilation with highlights of the 80th.